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Who we are

Living and breathing the vision of founder, Henry Alfred Wadworth, the brewery today still has recognisable characteristics from its 1875 predecessor including the Shire horses, Sam and Jac delivering beer to Devizes’ pubs.

Henry Alfred Wadworth founded the brewery in 1875, aged 22, after six years of experience in a London brewery followed by managing a small Devizes brewery, No.8 Long Street.

Henry founded Wadworth in partnership with his friend and brother-in-law, John Smith Bartholomew. Together they perfected their own unique method of brewing over the next few years leading to a significant impact on the local market and a requirement to move to a larger residence to address the demand.

The new brewery was completed in 1885 over the site of a small sweet water well a hundred yards from the original site-enhancing the beers’ distinctive ‘Wadworth’ flavour. A typical brewery of the time, the raw ingredients was lifted to the top of the recognisable tower and gravity simply combined these ingredients through the various stages of the brewing process. Some of the original equipment installed in 1885 is still being used today.

With no male heir on the Wadworth side, it was John Smith Bartholomew’s son who succeeded his father as managing director in 1923, becoming chairman in 1929 following the death of Henry Wadworth as a result of a fall from his horse.

Today, Wadworth is still a family brewer with John Smith Bartholomew’s great-grandson the current Wadworth chairman. The brewery is proud to still be owned and run by the Bartholomew family.  

Henry Alfred Wadworth


John Smith Bartholomew