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Wadworth raises a glass to the legendary Roxy Club's blue plaque with some 6X 'old cool'

Acknowledged as the home of punk, Wadworth were on hand to support the unveiling of a blue plaque commemorating legendary club The Roxy.

When the legendary London music venue, The ROXY, unveiled a Seven Dials Trust Blue Plaque on Tuesday 25th April, Wadworth, the Wiltshire based pub operator and brewer was there to help the celebrations along with some 6X ‘old cool’ beer.

Acknowledged as the ‘home of punk’ in the late 70s, The ROXY, marked its opening 40 years ago with a plaque and a party attended by some of the names who started their careers there including members from punk bands Chelsea and The Models. The event was supported by Wadworth as part of its ‘Old Cool is the New Cool’ campaign for their flagship ale, 6X.

Elaine Beckett, head of marketing and communications at Wadworth, said: “Our Old Cool is the New Cool campaign celebrates cultural icons that never really stop being cool, like Wadworth 6X and the bands who played The ROXY 40 years ago - and who may well have enjoyed drinking it back stage. This event was a perfect opportunity for us to raise a glass to the Kings of the Old Cool who today, just like 6X, are also Kings of the New Cool with a fan base from their original heyday and a whole new modern audience.”

Bottles of 6X were served up from a branded bar throughout the evening and were enjoyed by original fans and a new generation of classic ale drinkers. 

The Seven Dials Blue Plaque celebrates the Covent Garden venues unique place in UK music, dedicated to promoting and supporting punk music from 1976-78. It is renowned for launching the musical careers of famous punk bands including The Clash, The Damned, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Generation X, The Buzzcocks and The Slits.  The scheme celebrates individuals, companies and institutions that have made a contribution to the Seven Dials area and nationally. This is the 2nd Plaque to be unveiled since the scheme began 18 months ago.

Andrew Czazowski and Susan Carrington enjoying a 6X Martin Stacey of Chelsea with 6X Michael Allen of The Models with 6X Blue plaque commemorating The Roxy