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Wadworth sees contract brewing reputation grow

Wadworth, the Devizes-based family brewer and pub operator, has had a bumper yield with their contract brewing operation in the last 18 months, brewing over 9000 barrels of contract beer including 3500 barrels of lager in that time. A focus on offering bespoke beers and lagers as well as brewing to original own brewer’s recipes has proven a significant business opportunity.

Wadworth has involved their brewers in this initiative to ensure customer requirements are met whether they are following a recipe or creating something unique and bespoke.  They have also made investments to their kegging capability to fulfil draught packaging options.

Speaking about the success, Jonathan Thomas, sales director for Wadworth, said: “This has been a great period of growth in contract brewing for our business where we have been able to provide a range of services to large and small breweries of both cask, craft beer and lager. We are looking at further growing our volumes in this area over the next three years.”

“We know this is a growth area for Wadworth as we see capacity stretch with major brewers or the smaller craft brewers. This service also enables breweries undertaking investments, relocations or improvements to move their brewing seamlessly to Wadworth where we’ve been brewing since 1875.  We have an established set up and an experienced brewery team.”


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