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Burnt Orange IPA

Burnt Orange IPA

Naturally exceptional

Abv: 4.5%
Available: May
Format: Cask

Brewer's Notes:

"Our new pale ale of orange hue has a striking aroma of cut citrus peels balanced by toffee and caramel from speciality kilned malts. Brewed to showcase hop aroma, the beer finishes with moderate bitterness." Rob J

For the beer geek - our ingredients:

We use 3 malts for Burnt Orange; Pale Ale, Munich and Caramalt. With the addition of dried orange peels, we also use Citra and Admiral hops.

Did you know:

First trialled in 2018, we liked it so much, we added it to our 2019 seasonal line-up!

Tastes great with:

Thai red curry, Waldorf salad, carrot or ginger spiced cake