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Farmers Glory

Farmers Glory

Perfectly balanced traditional ale

Abv: 4.4%
Available: September
Format: Cask, Mini keg

Tasting Notes:

A premium ale brewed with a generous helping of Crystal malt,
Farmers Glory has biscuit-caramel notes on the palate with candied
orange peel and a hint of citrus.

For the beer geek - our ingredients:

Brewed using Pale Ale and Crystal malts with Fuggles, Challenger
and Goldings hops.

Did you know:

Brewed to celebrate a bounteous harvest, this beer is a favourite
in Wadworth’s seasonal range, returning this year with a bold and
refreshed pump clip. Cock a doodle doo!

Tastes great with:

Pork ribs, middle eastern flavours (i.e. falafels, grilled meats /
halloumi), tart puddings (i.e. apple / pear / rhubarb crumble –
not citrus).



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