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Game of Stones

Wadworth Game of Stones

Golden ale is coming, from the dark heart of Wiltshire

Abv: 3.8%
Available: August
Format: Keg

Brewer's Notes:

A thirst-quenching and truly satisfying golden ale with a sessionable
abv and hidden depth of flavour. Spicy, tangy aromas are met with
earthy tones on the palate. Full flavored, but with a clean finish.

For the beer geek - our ingredients:

This beer is built on a foundation of wheat, Pale Ale malt and
Caragold, topped off with Challenger, Cascade and Styrian Goldings

Did you know:

Wadworth brewery sits at heart of Wiltshire, the mysterious land of
stone circles and ritual. We're a stone's throw from Stonehenge, and
we've brewed this sessionable golden ale to celebrate our heritage.

Tastes great with:

Fatty meat (i.e. belly pork, black pudding, pork pies), BBQ
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