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Studs Up

Studs Up

A pale ale to take on the World (Cup)

Abv: 4.0%
Available: June/July
Format: Cask, Mini keg

Tasting Notes:

A gleaming golden pale ale brewed with a blend of four carefully
selected hops for a real kick. Zesty, with grapefruit notes and
mouthwatering juicy character. Clean and refreshing at the start,
developing in to a strong, powerful bitterness.

For the beer geek - our ingredients:

To give this beer a rounded, satisfying bite we have carefully blended
four hop varieties; Challenger, Bramling Cross, Delta and Citra.
The rich base is made up of Pale Ale and Crystal 150 malts with
Flaked Barley.

Did you know:

Only once every four years, the football World Cup offers occasion
after occasion for sports fans and pub-goers alike to celebrate and
commiserate together, with this perfect pint.

Tastes great with:

Grilled meats, mild cheese (i.e. Caerphilly), apple pie, cinnamon



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