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Horizon Chilled

Brewer's notes:

“The zesty aromas overlay a heart of classic hoppiness and is a perfectly refreshing golden ale served chilled, with a crisp finish." Rob Jacobson, Head Brewer

For the beer geek – Horizon ingredients:

We use five hops in Horizon; Fuggles, Styrian Goldings, Cascade, Centennial and Mosaic. Flaked Barley, Caramalt and Pale Ale malt are also used to create this golden beer.

What do you need to know about Horizon Chilled:

Although the same Horizon cask liquid, it is passed through a chiller so that it is served at 8 degrees (Horizon served at 12 degrees). As a chilled product the liquid will taste crisper, light and refreshing.

The Horizon story: 

Horizon is inspired by the young Henry A Wadworth, the founder of Wadworth who was in his day, an adventurer. His first hot air balloon flight was one such quest which although it ended with a crash landing on a beach in Poole, Dorset, showed his pursuit of adventure.