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Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

Abv: 4.0%

Available: September

Format: Cask Brewer's notes: A deep red bitter, sweet and tart with a balancing bitter finish.

For the beer geek - our ingredients:

Speciality Malts:

Crystal 150, Crystal 90 and Rye Crystal Malts


Fuggles, Bramling Cross, Amarillo and Cascade

Did you know:

The fruity edge to this beer is created using Elderberries while the bitterness comes from British and American Hops added late in boil.

Tastes great with:

Roasted and braised red meats. Game such as venison or roast duck. Strong blue cheese such as Stilton. Bitter dark chocolate and hazelnut torte, spiced plum pie/crumble, red wine poached pears.