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Treacle Treat

Treacle Treat

Ghoulishly good

Abv: 4.2%
Available: October
Format: Cask, Mini keg

Tasting Notes:

An apocalyptic Autumn ale with a unique herbal notes balanced by
the sweetness of black treacle. Pleasantly dark, smooth and deep.

For the beer geek - our ingredients:

Target hops are combined with Pale Ale, Crystal, Brown and Black
malts. The addition of black treacle makes this beer sinfully good.

Did you know:

Halloween is growing in popularity every year, now one of the biggest
events for pubs. Our spooktacular beer will take you by surprise over
the ghoulish period.

Tastes great with:

Seared meats, pâté, mild-medium cheese (i.e. Gouda),
milk chocolate.

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