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Henry's IPA

A little history lesson for you all… India Pale Ale was originally brewed for the British Empire in the East, as traditional beer couldn’t survive the long, six month journey.

Instead, enterprising brewers struck gold by creating an ale packed with hops, and with a higher alcohol content, protecting it as it made its way across the continents.

Over the last few years, Henry's IPA has seen a real resurgence in popularity as today’s customers fall in love with its big flavour taste.

We consider Henry's IPA to be one of the best; with an ABV of 3.4% it’s a light bronze ale with delicate malt aromas it is an easy drinking session ale with cereal notes and a lingering finish; just perfect.

Available in cask, keg smooth and bottles all year round, you can also buy Henry's IPA in our online shop – a must-visit for any real ale fan.

Did you know?

  • Our IPA was named after the Wadworth brewery founder, Henry Alfred Wadworth.
  • It's still Henry's... in 2016 we renamed the beer to just be called IPA, but it is still the same great drink.
  • IPA is also available as a smoothflow beer, which is still called Henry's.