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Our Future: Vision and Values

Our future vision centres on our current values, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, to foster a greener world for future generations.

The move to Folly Road Brewhouse has given us the opportunity to make significant changes to enhance our sustainability credentials.

Some examples include:

  • Natural refrigerant gases used in our advanced refrigeration technology
  • Reduced reliance on local town water usage by using boreholes
  • Reduced bulk tanker deliveries by generating food grade nitrogen on-site
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced waste in the building by:
    • Fitting the site with sensor controlled LEDs
    • Installing a new lightweight roof providing excellent thermal properties and improved insulation, reducing energy demands to heat and cool the building
    • The new roof design also allows for greater natural light - reducing the need for energy use in artificial light
    • Long term plan for solar panel use
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced waste from the new brewing kit including:
    • Improved insulation brewing kit
    • Ultra-efficient steam generator that reduces our brewery boiler warming times from 4.5 hours to 7 mins
    • Smaller batch sizes brewed more frequently will allow a much greater use of recovered heat used to boil the wort, thus reducing the need for primary energy
    • Latest technology to allow a reduced evaporation rate during the boil further reduces primary energy need
    • Reduced losses, no longer sending down large pipe runs
    • Reduced road miles as we are able to package our own small pack, cans and bottles