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How we work with you

serious about building quality business partnerships

Wadworth is an established pub operator and regional brewery based in Wiltshire.

The brewery was founded in 1875 by Henry Wadworth who designed and built the Victorian Northgate Brewery in Devizes. We are best known for our iconic beer brand, Wadworth 6X which we brew alongside other beers and award winning ales including Swordfish, Horizon, Bishop’s Tipple and Old Timer.

We have a pub estate of over 175 managed and tenanted pubs across the South West of England and London.

At Wadworth we are serious about building quality business partnerships which ensure you can create a long term successful pub business.  We comply fully with the Voluntary Industry Code which ensures that you are treated fairly and transparently both before you take a pub with us and whilst you work with us.

When you apply for a pub with us and during our agreement with you, there are processes we will complete and information and commitments we will require from you so that we know the relationship will work and create a unique and special pub experience for your customers.  For all the detailed information, you require to run a business with us, download the Way we work with you here.

For more advice on taking a pub tenancy and benchmarking costs of similar pubs go to: