Welcome to the Waggon & Horses

Located along the historic A4 route towards Beckhampton in Marlborough stands The Waggon and Horses, a 16th Century public house steeped in history.

Once a vital stop on the main road connecting Bristol to London, The Waggon and Horses welcomed weary travelers on horseback or stagecoaches embarking on the arduous journey between the two cities. In those days, the two-day trek through the Marlborough Downs made The Waggon and Horses a cherished sight, particularly on cold winter nights.

Today, this renowned pub is a designated listed building, adorned with a traditional thatched roof and dormer windows, underscoring its architectural significance. It holds a place in literary history, earning a mention in Charles Dickens' novel "Pickwick Papers".

Adding to its charm, The Waggon and Horses offers a child's play area, providing families with a space to relax and enjoy the historical surroundings while catering to younger visitors.