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This interesting, full bodied ale simply has to be tried.

Swordfish ale is a unique blend of Wadworth beer and Pusser’s Navy Rum (rationed to the Navy during WWII) with an ABV of 5%, perfect for those who like to enjoy something a little different.

It was originally brewed to support the 100th year anniversary of the Fleet Air Arm, but is now available all year due to its incredible popularity.

The Fleet Air Arm is a charity which aims to raise awareness of the impact and influence of naval aviation and to keep the Navy’s historic aircraft flying. For every pint of Swordfish beer sold nationally, Wadworth donates 5p to the charity, Navy Wings.

So not only is it a real ale with a heart, but it’s packed with flavour. Swordfish has a gentle rum aroma and features dark, unrefined sugar adding a rich smoothness. It is a full-bodied, deep copper coloured ale with a base of crystal malt and delicate Fuggles and Goldings hops.

Swordfish is available by bottle and cask all year round, and is particularly suited to spring and autumn. You can also buy Swordfish beer in our online shop – a must-visit for any real ale fan.

Did you know?

  • Every pint of Swordfish sold keeps the historic Air Flight, including the Swordfish bi-plane, flying.
  • Swordfish won the Silver Award for the United Kingdom at the World Beer Awards 2018