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Amarillo Gold

Amarillo Gold

Abv: 3.9%

Available: May

Format: Cask

Brewer's notes:

Single hopping with Amarillo allows the floral, citrus, almost orange peel aroma of this variety to shine. The palate starts with a gentle caramel sweetness from the malt and citrus tropical flavours from the hops.

For the beer geek - our ingredients:

Speciality Malts:

Caragold and Munich Malts



Did you know:

This golden brew is called ‘Amarillo Gold’ as the colour links with the name, the word ‘Amarillio’ is a Spanish word translating to ‘Yellow’ Amarillo is pronounced ‘Am-Uh-Ree-Yo’.

Tastes great with:

Mildly spiced curries, BBQ chicken & pork, grilled or lightly smoked fish such as mackerel, salmon or haddock. Soft delicate cheese (i.e. Brie, Camembert, Burrata. Carrot cake, Marmalade, bread and butter pudding, white chocolate mousse.