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Training and Development

Through a combination of online and face to face learning we ensure you receive all the training required to be able to carry out your role confidently and safely.

Apprenticeships are available for a range of roles which provide you with the development and support you need to progress your career.

  • Comprehensive induction programme
  • Extensive range of online courses
  • Face-to-face training and coaching
  • Apprenticeships

Team stories

Maisie Hale

HR & Payroll Advisor

My journey with Wadworth started in 2016 when I completed a week of work experience as part of my college course. Following this I was fortunate enough to be informed of an upcoming vacancy of HR Business Apprentice, I applied, and the rest is history. From the very start of my career here I have felt valued and supported. I have been given many opportunities over the past 6 years to grow and develop, moving my career up the ladder from an apprentice through to my current role today of HR & Payroll Advisor. The people are what make Wadworth the place that it is, working as a team is at the heart of all we do. The moment I knew I loved my job was when I didn’t get the dreaded feeling on a Sunday evening knowing I’m back to work tomorrow; I think that’s hard to find in a job these days. If you’re looking to start your career, develop it or simply be part of a traditional family company, Wadworth would be the place for you.

Norman Taylor

Retail Development Manager, Tenanted Trade'

I have been at Wadworth for 10 years and joined the company as I wanted to be part of a local, family run brewery that had a great reputation and was also renowned for investing in their staff, which ultimately would give me opportunities to grow and develop my career in business development. I started at Wadworth as a Retail Development Manager, working as part of the proactive and professional Tenanted Trade team. As a team, we work exceptionally well together, helping and supporting, guiding and striving to bring out the best in our Business Partners, for the benefit of the business. I can see how my role contributes towards the growth and success of the company and I feel fully supported by both my direct line manager, and the company as a whole who provide ongoing training, development and support so that I can develop my potential within the company. My role involves me being out on the road the majority of the time; visiting sites, supporting Business Partners; interviewing etc, but there is also a fantastic work-life balance enabling me to work from home should I need to and be flexible with my working hours. I would wholeheartedly recommend considering a career at Wadworth, there are lots of opportunities to develop and grow and for me, I really look forward to what the next 10 years will bring!

Chris Wright

Retail Development Manager, Managed Houses

I joined Wadworth in 2008 and enjoyed 8 years as a manager before moving to operations in 2016. I have loved working for a company that puts its people at the front of its plans for the future. I was given the opportunity to develop myself and improve as part of an excellent team. Wadworth have strong core values which sit at the heart of everything they do and its great to be able to work to those values. It’s been a very hard couple of years recently but despite those challenges I feel like we have worked hard as a team to get through it and I’m excited for what the future holds and to continue to be part of the Wadworth Family.

Andy Weaver

Head Brewer

I first joined Wadworth on a 6-month contract in 1993 after cutting short studying for a Mechanical engineering degree (ok, I didn’t quite pass my second year), I was fortunate that this turned into a permanent position working in the laboratory. I left Wadworth to go travelling but was lucky enough for a position in the lab to become available after a few months of returning to the UK, I had made it known that if anything appropriate came up I was keen to come back. The lab was a great place to start your life in brewing, you get to see all the areas of the brewery and have the important job of making sure nothing is amiss before the beer leaves the brewery. I was keen to study to become a brewer and Wadworth were happy to fund my study whilst I continued working. Three years of study resulted in me passing my diploma, I could now be called a Brewer and receive the hallowed white coat, the traditional attire of a brewer (nowadays we have done away with this tradition). Quality assurance Brewer followed Assistant brewer which eventually led to the proud moment to be able to call myself Head Brewer at Wadworth.  For me, Wadworth have been great as an employer, they’ve enabled me to study and progress, I appreciate their family values, the team you work with, and the benefits such as a good pension, discount card and vouchers, that, and the fact that they are keen to train and develop people wherever possible.  It also helps coming to work knowing that you will be producing a wonderful product, doing something that you genuinely enjoy.

Julie Perret

PA to Directors

I started working for Wadworth in 2004. My first role with Wadworth was as a Training and Recruitment Secretary on a 16 hour contract.  This was perfect for me when my children were young and then as they have got older my hours and roles have changed over the years. I have also worked in the tenanted trade department and on the property help desk and for the last 10 years I have been a PA to the Directors. Wadworth has changed a lot over the last 18 years, but it is still a great place to work. We work hard but we do have a lot of laughs and fun along the way and I consider myself very lucky to enjoy going to work!

Graham Marchant

Retail Development Manager, Tenanted Trade

I have spent 25 years of my working life in the industry, through Managed Houses, leased and tenanted – the last 8 years tenanted with Wadworth at the Old Bell and Crown Hatherden. Starting to feel that I had “done my time” I approached Lloyd Stephens about possible opportunities within Wadworth – he gave me a chance and six years later I am still here as an RDM in the tenanted team and thoroughly enjoy working with Wadworth.

Andy Morgan

Warehouse & Logistics Manager

My career started with Wadworth in May 2006 when I joined the company via an agency opportunity as a labourer in the production section of the business and was then taken on full time in the September of that year. In my role, I was fortunate to be presented with many opportunities to continue my professional development and learn new skills which included: filtration, racking, and brewing in our Pint-size Brewery, and then onto our main plant operations. I have also had experience of working on the drays and in transport as cover for the team. From here, I moved to the role of Tun Room Supervisor, and working alongside the Brewery Manager I continued to learn skills enabling me to cover holiday leave. Following the decision to bring our distribution back in-house, I was trusted and given the opportunity to lead this project resulting in my current role, as Warehouse & Logistics Manager. During my career with Wadworth there have been some challenging times such as the economic crisis and more recently the pandemic; however, I feel very lucky to have worked for the company. They have remained committed to looking after their employees and continued to provide opportunities to allow for development and progression within the company. I class myself very lucky to not only work here at Wadworth, but to work with great people who many I now class as friends. 

Suzanne Kerslake

Retail Development Manager, Managed Houses

I started working for Wadworth 16 years ago as a chef whilst studying at university. As my passion for the industry grew Wadworth opened new avenues for me to progress in my career. I have worked in various roles from kitchen and front of house team player to supervisor, assistant manager to deputy manager and then General Manager of a 28-bedroom hotel. I won several awards during my time as a general manager and oversaw a large refurbishment project. I was then very fortunate to be given the opportunity to progress my career by overseeing a full site refurbishment in Wadworth’s first London pub and introducing Toby Bartholomew to the world of managing pubs. From here I was then given a small patch of pubs to manage whilst I reopened a new project in Southampton, once the completion of this acquisition had taken place I was then appointed as an area manager for Wadworth managed house department. I have been part of the operations team now for 6 years and still very much enjoy the excitement and challenges we face in the hospitality industry. I have continued my career with Wadworth because I appreciate the personable approach, the traditional family values and they listen to your views and opinions. We work very much as team in Wadworth, it is a great family to be part of.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

  • We celebrate and encourage differences, opinions and backgrounds.
  • We want you to be your best self and we welcome everyone.
  • We treat everyone fairly and with respect.

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