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Core beers

Beer and Ales

We’re incredibly proud of our handcrafted real ales. Brewing quality beer is what we’re passionate about and have been since 1875. The proof really is in the tasting!

All our beers are made on site at our brewery in Devizes, Wiltshire, by our expert brewery team. We use our modern traditional technique, alongside modern equipment, to create a range of ales for a dynamic, fast moving and aspirational beer drinking market, with 90% of ingredients from the UK.

Our beers are available to buy in our pubs, from our Brewery Tap & Shop and Online Shop, in national pub company outlets, free-houses, small multiple chains and managed pub companies. 

Core beers

In our regular range, we’ve got firm favourite 6X, a classic crafted amber ale, which has been in production for nearly 100 years; Swordfish, a unique blend of Wadworth beer and Pusser's Navy Rum; Horizon, the easy drinking, golden ale; Henry’s IPA, a light bronze ale with delicate malt aromas and 6X Gold Ale, our gluten free and vegan ale. 

Special Editions

Throughout the year, we launch a variety of special editions to complement our main range. These include: Dirty Rucker, to enjoy whilst watching the rugby and Old Timer our classic winter warmer strong ale amongst others.